Another Caddie for Lydia Ko

Report: Lydia Ko hires LPGA's recent Caddie of the Year winner - Golf Wire Staff at

(warning - autoplay video)
Ko, who turns 20 on Monday, employed six caddies during her rookie year before teaming with Justin Hamilton, who she was with for 10 of her 14 LPGA victories. Ko fired Hamilton in October after nearly two years together. After using a local caddie for one event, she landed with Gary Matthews, but Ko fired Matthews earlier this month after just nine events together.

It's unclear if Godfrey's hire is on a trial basis.

"Unclear" seems like a safe statement. Hopefully Lydia has finally found someone she can work with on a consistent basis. Lydia Ko is an amazing player to watch when her game is on. Let's hope things begin to settle down for her and she can focus on golf.


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