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Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Example of a Flaw in the Rules of Golf

Tour hands out first slow-play penalty in 22 years Ryan Lavner via GolfChannel.com

As alternates, Campbell and Carballo were paired together at TPC Louisiana. They were the final group off on Thursday morning, along with PGA section pros Kyle Ramey and Phil Schmitt. “I hate to say it,” Campbell said, “but they were struggling through the first five holes and we got way out of position.”

That the Tour has finally decided to put some weight behind their slow-play rule is a good thing. That they ended up penalizing players who were not the root cause of the group being out of position is no good.

It's hard enough to stay in your rhythm playing next to a guy (or team) putting up a big score. To compound that by asking you to play faster to make up for their problems is double jeopardy.

The solution seems obvious but isn't very popular. Have a shot clock for all players at all times. This lets the players stay within an expected rhythm all day long. If they fail to beat the shot clock then a warning and penalty system can come into effect.


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