Does it count if they don't know the rules?

Survey: 60% of recreational golfers break the rules at least once per round via

A new survey from found that 60% of golfers break or bend the rules at least once a round, while 36% admit to violating the rules two or more times per round.

The entire survey makes for a very interesting read. Only 60% admitting to breaking or bending a rule once a round feels a bit low to me. Given the recent news surrounding the rules of golf I'm not even sure what "bending" the rules means anymore. Credit is due the 36% who were honest enough to admit to taking a gimme now and then, playing a ball in the hazard as a lateral instead of going back to where it crossed, or ignoring the occasion stroke-and-distance unexpected lost ball penalty. It's heroes like them that help keep the pace of play moving and the game more fun for everyone.

Tournament or other competition? Follow the rules as written. Otherwise enjoy yourself and keep the game moving please.


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