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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Don't Like the Answer Ask a Different Question

The NGF's annual golf participation report uncovers favorable trends for the game's future - Mike Stachura via GolfDigest.com

“Green-grass golf participation remains an essential measure of golf’s vitality, and we will continue to measure and report on it the way we always have,” NGF president and CEO Joe Beditz said in the report. “But we decided it was time to add off-course participation in order to track the dynamic growth we have seen there, and which we believe will continue.”

Reading through Mike's entire article does indicate some encouraging news for those of us that love the game of golf. Metrics change and I do agree that it's important to track "off-course" interest in the game. However, until we start seeing more people supporting their local courses with a volume of play (money) that truly support their maintenance we will continue to read about closures.

People are being attracted back to the game. Great. Driving ranges and simulators have their place to be sure. An increasingly important place based on the statistics in this article. It's still up to us to support our local courses so that they can create a quality experience at a profit that allows everyone to win. We need to be sure that driving ranges and simulators don't become the only experience available to us. Support your local course.

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