It's Time to Move the Majors

Changes Beneath The Surface Jaime Diaz for

On the surface, it seems straightforward: move the Players Championship from May back to March—where it was played for 30 consecutive years until 2007—and the PGA Championship from August to May.

This sounds like a great idea. It would cause the Players Championship "fifth major" crowd to get louder. I'm okay with that.

(I'll save you the trouble: Nicklaus won three times - Tiger has won twice)

With viewership struggling, the tours and their players need to be flexible. Traditionalists will cringe but we need to allow the majors to be placed in the best position to succeed. At least here in the States that means avoiding football season. This schedule would help. It would also create a five month major season that would be better placed to attract casual and new views to the game we love. It would also make more room at the end of the major season for the various tour championships, the Ryder Cup, the Presidents Cup, and the like.

I vote yes.


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