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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Only Tiger Woods Can Decide

Language in Tiger Woods' statements put golf on back burner, possibly for good  - Kyle Porter via CBSSports.com

(warning - autoplay video)
There is a sadness to this -- for us and also probably for Tiger. But all good things come to an end, and this is one of them. Plus, there is a goodness hiding within all of this misery, and it is that Woods took us (and himself) on one of the most thrilling, super-charged rides in the sports amusement park of the 20th and 21st centuries. Maybe that is no consolation to the most ardent Woods fan or even Woods himself. But there is a joy in having lived through that mania.

While it's easy to see that the odds are stacked against any meaningful Tiger Woods comeback it's also too early to write the golf legend off just yet. Mr. Porter and many others seem willing to do just that.

We need to let Tiger Woods tell his story. That won't be easy because Tiger is traditionally very protective of news about what he sees as his own personal business. He won't let us know he's retiring until he's 100% sure that's his only option.

I'll take the statements from the Tiger Woods camp at face value. Maybe the doctors will conclude after a period of healing that professional golf is simply not a wise choice anymore. It doesn't sound like they're there just yet. If Tiger's real goals are to live pain-free and be there for his kids I do believe he'll put the clubs away if they risk causing him further injury.

Are the Tiger Woods glory days behind us? There's little doubt the answer is yes. He will be coming up on his 42nd birthday and coming off his fourth back surgery before we have any chance of seeing him play competitively again. But why are we so fast to believe that unless Tiger Woods is able to play at the same level as he once did that he has no desire to compete at all?

Should Tiger Woods retire? We'll just have to wait. It isn't for us to decide.


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