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Friday, May 5, 2017

Buying Clubs for the Experience

Titleist Launches JP Wedges and the JP Wedge Experience Tony Covey for MyGolfSpy.com

As you would expect, the cost of the JP Experience isn’t cheap. $2000 gets you three hours of one-on-one time with JP along with three custom fit wedges, meticulously built to exacting tolerances... While the price tag, no doubt, will leave some of you rolling your eyes (I expect several comments detailing how JP and Titleist are why golf is dying), the reality is that golf clubs have become all but commoditized. The difference isn’t so much in the product; it’s in the fitting, the details, and the intrinsic value found in the experience.

No eye rolling here.

It’s your money. Spend it however you want. I get paying a premium for a particular experience; fine dining, luxury cars, vacations, etc. I also see the value in a good custom fitting to match new gear with your game. This equipment and experience aren't meant for everyone. It's for the wealthy and a branding tool for Titleist. There isn’t anything wrong with that.

If the experience and performance of this wedge system make players happy then everyone wins. The USGA and R&A will be sure that this gear performs in no particularly superior way than any other wedges on the market so the game will be protected.

Personally, I’d rather go for a standard fitting for some standard wedges and then invest in the experience of a few lessons. That’s my choice. Feel free to make you own. The market is always right. Good luck JP and good luck Titleist.

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