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Friday, May 19, 2017

How is Jordan Spieth surprised?

Spieth's putter switch drawing some attention Ryan Reiterman for GolfChannel.com

Spieth wasn’t thrilled after multiple questions about his putter change.

“I haven't been comfortable standing over it for a little while, and so I just wanted something that's a new look, and the bigger a deal that's made out of it the more bothersome that is for me,” he said. “It's not really that big of a deal, and every guy switches putters every single week. It's nothing new. Just a new look for me for the time being.”

I appreciate that Jordan Spieth doesn't care for all of the attention his putter switch is getting. He's struggling to find answers on the greens and doesn't like being reminded of how many people are watching and judging his progress.

It's odd that this far into his career Spieth doesn't understand his current place in the game. Any time a top player makes an equipment switch it's going to be news to some degree. A putter change by Spieth is going to stand out even more because he's so rarely changed in the past. Of course people are interested in his experimenting with a Scotty Cameron T5W Tour Only mallet putter. How is it possible that Spieth is surprised and frustrated by the attention? It's part of being one of the top players in the world.

"...every guy switches putters every single week." Spieth isn't every guy. When we stop caring that he switched putters is when he needs to start worrying.

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