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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pelley should start planning his new calendar now

European Tour: Boss Keith Pelley says it has to adapt to calendar revamp Iain Carter for BBC.com

"If there are changes that happen in the US with the majors then we are going to have to adjust and adapt."

"It will depend on what they do in 2019," he said. "The PGA of America says they're going to determine whether the PGA Championship is moved to May by the end of August this year."

Yes, nothing is in stone yet. Even so, I would recommend Pelley go ahead and get that new European Tour schedule sketched out for 2019. The changes the PGA Tour and the PGA of America are considering make too much sense to not execute:

  1. The tour players win with a less compacted end to their season.

  2. The PGA Championship wins by getting a fresh position within the heart of the season.

  3. The Players gets their month of March back, helping their argument for being a 5th major or at least the kickoff to the major season.

  4. The PGA Tour and FedEx get their playoff events moved to a more advantageous position versus the NFL.

At this point, it feels damaging for all involved in the States to not put these changes into effect. Hopefully, there will be some coordination with the European Tour to limit the chaos on that end. Golf needs as many win-win deals as it can get these days.

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