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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Phil Mickelson puts family first but some fans are upset

FOR PHIL MICKELSON AND GOLF: Change the Date! Derek D via Change.org

On behalf of golf fans everywhere, I am requesting to see if there is ANY WAY possible to reschedule your graduation ceremony to Wed June 14th...

Phil Mickelson announced over the weekend that he will likely miss this year's U.S. Open at Erin Hills due to a conflict with his daughter's high school graduation ceremony. His oldest daughter is the president of her class and will be giving a commencement speech. It is heartwarming and impressive that Mickelson knows that his place is with his family on that day. The ceremony is being held on the morning of June 15th; opening day for the tournament.

Mickelson clearly indicated that the chance still exists that something might change that would allow him to play. His example was the possibility of a delayed start of the tournament due to weather. What was carefully downplayed by Mickelson was the possibility of the school moving the ceremony to a different date.

That hasn't stopped a group of  Mickelson fan of doing that for him. Derek Deminsky has started a Change.org petition asking the school to move the date. The passion to watch Mickelson take another crack at completing the career grand slam is understandable. As of this writing, the petition has been signed by 383 people.

Feel free to sign the petition if that is your choice. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Deminsky that his request is on the behalf of golf fans everywhere. It's wrong to put the school and all of the other families in this awkward situation. This isn't their problem. It's Mickelson's problem.

To the school's credit, they did respond to a request for comment from the Golf Channel's Ryan Lavner with the following:
We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2017 on June 15th.

That should take care of that.

Maybe something will change. Mickelson has made it clear that he fully intends to be there to watch his daughter and her class graduate. If there is any way that he can attend and still make his opening round tee-time then he will. The math and good taste simply are working against him right now. Let's hope everyone has a great day at their graduation ceremony. The rest of us will be getting ready to enjoy another playing of the U.S. Open. With or without Mickelson it will be a fun tournament to watch.
Photo credit: ErinHills.com

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