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Monday, July 17, 2017

Bryson DeChambeau proves his way works

Vindication: Bryson DeChambeau wins doing it his way | Dave Shedloski for Golf Digest

That’s the true meaning behind what I try and do. I showed everybody that, ‘Look. There’s plenty of ways to do it.’ I do it my way, and I feel comfortable doing it my way,

DeChambeau has a reputation of being part golfer and part mad scientist. From his unconventional swing to his unconventional clubs, DeChambeau has tried to find new and improved ways to be consistent and win on the PGA Tour. Yesterday he broke through with his first win.

Does that mean we should all go out and start changing our swing and buy a set of single-length irons? Not really. You could, but, Bryson's way is just another way to get it done. Not THE way.

Golf, at its core, is a simple concept. Strike a ball with a square clubface, along a straight path, with the right speed, and the ball will travel to a predictable target. Physics is physics. How you bring the club and ball together for that critical moment of impact can, and does, vary wildly. DeChambeau believes that his way is best for him. While his club sponsor, Cobra Golf, will be more than happy to sell you a set of single-length irons, there is no reason to believe that this is a superior way to play golf. It's just another way.

The key to any golf swing is consistency. Getting the clubface on the ball in a predictable way as often as possible leads to better scoring. DeChambeau has proven his way works well enough to win on the PGA Tour. Will it revolutionize the game? Probably not, but, I did just check the price on those Cobra irons.

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