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Friday, July 7, 2017

Rory McIlroy still looking for his form

"Frustrated" Rory McIlroy misses cut at Irish Open | Alex Myers for Golf World

McIlroy on why he missed his latest cut is a classic:
I’m just not being very efficient with my scoring and that’s why I’m making it difficult for myself. Just need to tidy up the short game a little bit; I feel like the long game is there.

This is McIlroy's 4th missed cut in his last 5 Irish Opens. Granted, last year's victory was a nice aberration from the trend. His current lack of form can most likely be traced back to the rib injury he sustained earlier in the year. Combined with the challenges of getting his game in sync with his new equipment sponsor TaylorMade and it's little wonder 2017 has been tough for McIlroy.

You have to love "not being very efficient with my scoring" though right? I think I'll file that one away for myself to use the next time I put up a big number.

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