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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Greg Norman isn't buying in on the Tiger Woods hype

Greg Norman is pumping the brakes on Tiger Woods comeback hype | via Golfweek.com

“A lot of the stuff that he’s going through now is more, you know, the wear and tear of the body hitting a lot of golf balls. Being a power player, your body breaks down and that’s going to continue to be the there because he just got ready to play one event, which was an 18-man field, right?”

I was as surprised as anyone to see how capable Tiger looked during his comeback appearance last week at the Hero World Challenge. Norman is really just stating the obvious with his wait-and-see opinion. No hate. He's just being realistic, which isn't nearly as fun as buying in on the hype.

I'm not hearing many serious folks claim that Tiger is going to be the same golfer as he once was. There may be hope. There is certainly more optimism in the air than there was a month ago. The speculation over what Tiger might be able to do certainly makes for an entertaining conversation.

Of course, Tiger's best days are behind him. Of course, his body may begin to quickly break down again. On the other hand, a Tiger Woods tour win would be a huge story. Having him just in contention during a major would move the ratings numbers off of the chart. I don't think there are many who are actively rooting against Tiger. Realistically, though, what can we really expect? Norman isn't expecting much.

With Tiger Woods, you just never know. Which makes things interesting. Golf needs as much "interesting" as it can get.
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