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Friday, January 5, 2018

Rickie Fowler Has Nearly Everything a Modern Golf Superstar Needs

The Internet was obsessed with Rickie Fowler's choice of attire at Kapalua | by Ryan Herrington via GolfDigest.com

Suffice it to say, Fowler’s laidback look (untucked shirt!!) garnered as much attention as any of the play on the course.


I'm a big Rickie Fowler fan. He has a nearly perfect mix of lightheartedness, competitiveness, and skill to become one of the game's biggest stars of all time. All he needs now is that elusive first major. Hopefully, he can check that box in 2018. Who wouldn't be happy to see Rickie Fowler put on the Green Jacket in April and cement himself forever in golf history?

The concerns are always that a golfer who appears to be having fun isn't taking the game seriously enough to win consistently. It usually sounds something like, "If Rickie would worry more about his game than making commercials and wearing loud clothes maybe he'd already have that major." I'd suggest those critics take a look at the careers of Lee Trevino, or dare I say John Daly, and then tell me players can't have fun and win majors.

Sure, if Fowler continues to be all flash and no majors then his career will be open to criticism. I'm a fan but he does need to win one of the big ones. I just hope he can figure out how to get it done and still stay one of the most entertaining players on tour.

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