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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Masters Was the One for Jack

'I just expected to win every year': Nicklaus cautions against Masters-induced slumps | by AP News via Golf.com

"I had to learn that there were other tournaments in the country after Augusta," Nicklaus said at the Masters after hitting the ceremonial first tee shot. "I played Augusta a lot of times and lost. I won in '63, '65 and '66, and I just expected to win every year. I thought I would just continue to do that. I put such a buildup to this tournament and the importance of winning that first major that it was to my detriment more times than a positive," he said.

Much has been written about how Nicklaus built his season around the majors but it's still impressive to hear him admit how much the Masters meant to him.

Is there anyone else other than maybe Tiger Woods that honestly sees not winning the Masters as a failure? Of course they all dream of winning. Several players showed up at Augusta this year believing that their game was in good enough shape to contend. Fewer probably thought that it was truly their tournament to win.

Does Rory McIlroy feel that his season is over now because he didn't get it done again this year? Is Dustin Johnson giving up on 2018 because he's gone another year without a jacket?

Jack Nicklaus believed he should win every time he played. He was that good and he knew it. That's what made him the best to ever play the game.

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