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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

No Cart for Daly at U.S. Senior Open

John Daly says he won't play in another USGA event | by Brentley Romine for Golfweek.com

“We offered Mr. Daly the opportunity to provide additional information to support his request for a cart,” the USGA said in a statement. “He informed us (Monday) morning that he decided to withdraw.”

In response to the USGA’s comment, Daly said: “The USGA just seems to defend themselves after the fact.”

Daly clearly believes that he can't contend in the Senior U.S. Open if he has to walk. Or maybe he could but doesn't want to risk further injury. Either way, he's taking his clubs and going home costing fans the opportunity to see him compete.

Once you take the soap opera drama out of this situation you're left with the continuing discussion of whether using carts should or shouldn't be allowed in competitive golf. It's a long and complicated debate that brings in both the passion for tradition as well as complex legal issues. Issues so complex that they were once debated before the Supreme Court of the United States in PGA Tour, Inc. v. Martin back in 2001.

For me, it all comes down to what type of entertainment the sponsoring parties are trying to make. At the risk of upsetting some, "senior" events are at their core about giving people the chance to watch players from the past continue to compete. If that means allowing carts for some, or for all, so be it. Let's do whatever it takes to keep these players on the course for as long as they choose to be and stop taking things quite so seriously.

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