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Monday, August 6, 2018

Woods Struggles

Woods appears to be running out of gas

Ryan Lavner writing for The Golf Channel:

But there were at least a few troubling signs in Akron, more than just his continued inability to finish off rounds. Woods denied that he felt any pain or discomfort – “I’m fine,” he said dismissively. “Just played like crap.” – but it was apparent to everyone watching in person or on TV that he wasn’t swinging with the same velocity, walking with the same fluidity or even picking his ball out of the cup with the same ease of movement. 
Having Tiger Woods back playing professional golf is a gift most of us didn't thing we'd every receive not that long ago. That Mr. Woods is even in the conversation on the weekend on the PGA Tour is impressive.

Speaking as a guy a few years older than Mr. Woods, with far fewer reps on my lower back, there simply are going to be some days when his body isn't going to cooperate. We all have to come to terms with the fact that Mr. Woods will continue to struggle to put four solid rounds of golf together for the foreseeable future. The moments of brilliance will be there. Perhaps, we will even see him back in the winner's circle if a few of his rounds are particularly exceptional and he can run away and hide from the competition. Or maybe, just maybe, his body will rally and allow him short runs of dominant play again.

To expect any more is simply unreasonable.

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