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Monday, February 11, 2019

A New Beginning for From The Hazard

I've struggled for a few years now trying to decide what this blog was supposed to be. Should it be limited to original content and commentary or be a more traditionally focused blog on links to other content from around the web.

I've been all over the map with style and format. Because of that and a lack of consistent output, From The Hazard has not found a readership. In an attempt to correct that, I've decided to strip this site back down to the basics and start from scratch.

Gone will be the over-styled format. I'll be focused on a more clean presentation that will work equally well, if not better, on mobile devices. I'll also be focused on adding more original content to the site to accompany the links to the work of others.

I've also gone to a much simpler hosting solution. To be honest, as powerful as WordPress is, the security issues surrounding the platform have become unnecessary to deal with to reach the goals I have for this blog. Because of this transition, many of the older posts on this site are going to be a mess for a bit. I'll be going back in as time allows to try to clean up the formatting, repair the broken links, and delete some of the content that just isn't worth keeping. Thank you for understanding that this site, like so many, will likely be under construction and refurbishment for some time.

Ultimately this site will be successful through the participation of its readers. I want to encourage everyone who stops by to feel free to leave their comments and add to the conversations. All I ask is that you treat everyone with the same respect you would have if we were all playing a round of golf together. I know the Internet will be the Internet and there are systems in place to moderate the noise to a degree. I'm simply hoping it's still possible to create a polite and fun community on the Internet. Let's see what we can make together.

Thank you for stopping by. New content coming soon!

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