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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Matt Kuchar Finally Does the Right Thing

Matt Kuchar may have finally been able to put the David Ortiz compensation controversy behind him. Various contracted fee schedules have been reported but the bottom line was this: Kuchar won just shy of $1.3 million with David Ortiz on his bag and paid him $5,000 for the effort. Well below the tour average a caddie can expect for a winning week's effort.

Ortiz felt that he deserved more and took his complaint public. The resulting media and social media pressure built over several days until finally, according to ESPN, a final total compensation of $50,000 was given to David Ortiz. Matt Kuchar then issued the following statement:

This was the only way this story was ever going to end well for Kuchar. It's fascinating that it took this long to happen.

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