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This Distance Report Is Here but Will Anything Change?

This week the USGA and R&A finally published their extensive report on distance and it's effects on the game. You can find the 102-p...


A few words about myself if you really care. My name is Mike Nally and I'm a golfer.

I have a fairly typical background in the game I guess. Dad started me young with a cut down club. I played pretty well early on mostly because I was big for my age and had access to a great Junior Golf program. Later was the high school golf team. Good times and even better memories. The team even managed to win the State Championship during my senior season. I got lightly recruited to play in college but I knew that wasn't the path for me.

Then life began. College, work, marriage, family. Ups and downs. Successes and failures. Every step of the way taking me a little farther away from the game. These days I'm pleased to get out a few times a month and shoot in the 80's. I love it just as much as when I played off of a 2 handicap.

I missed Palmer at his peak but I do remember Nicklaus in his prime and how he changed everything. My guy was always Tom Watson growing up much to Dad's chagrin. Then along came Tiger Woods and I saw him change everything again. Who will be changing the game next? I can't wait to find out.

I'm not much of a writer as you can tell. I embarrass every English teacher I've ever had with every sentence on this site. I have opinions and do my best to express them here. You don't have to agree. It's often more fun when you don't. I do encourage you to join the conversation.

Welcome to From The Hazard.